Friday, 23 June 2017

Advantages of the Best PHP Frameworks

If you need a website or web application for your business, your developer will probably use PHP frameworks. You should know the benefits of the following:

1. Laravel development Application
2. Codeigniter Application development
3. PSD to email design

Benefits of Laravel Development Application

As a popular PHP framework that has simple and expressive syntax, Laravel empowers developers to create amazing web applications. Let’s look at the top benefits of this framework:

• Template engine: Laravel uses lightweight templates that let Laravel development application professionals create amazing layouts.

• Artisan tool: The Artisan tool lets users perform most of the repetitive programming tasks easily without doing it manually.

• Eloquent ORM (object-relational mapping): The ORM is faster than other PHP frameworks, making the job of your Laravel development application professionals much easier.

• Libraries: Laravel has a range of pre-installed libraries that are not available in other popular PHP frameworks.

• Modular: Laravel utilizes modern PHP principles, letting pros create handy and responsive web apps.

• MVC Architecture Support: This architecture ensures there’s no disparity between logic and presentation, enabling better performance and documentation.

• Database migration system: The migration system lets users expand the database structure without the risk of losing development data.

• Unit-Testing: Laravel is great at facilitating unit testing, meaning the end user like business users of the app get their error-free apps/systems more quickly.

• Security: Laravel development for application benefits from the excellent security protocols built within the Laravel framework.

Codeigniter Application Development

Another great framework that your web developer might use is Codeigniter. Let’s look at some of the advantages of Codeigniter application development:

• Simple configuration
• Simplifies PHP syntax
• Nice library collection
• Excellent documentation
• Fast creation of interactive and synergistic websites
• Hassle-free migration

You can use the skills of a Codeigniter application development expert to build amazing websites and web systems for your business.

PSD to Email Design

You should also discuss with your developer the benefits of PSD to email design. Here are a few of the benefits:

• Better Visibility for Search Engine Crawlers
• Flexible SEO Structure
• Error Free Emails and Website
• Support Multiple Browsers
• Amazing User Experience

Great, now you know more about the best PHP frameworks!